From the Terminal to the Twitter API

5 min readJan 14, 2017

An informal tutorial on how to install and run a program that will automate Twitter actions and communicate with Twitters API on a mac. A good tool for social media marketing.


  1. A basic understanding of how to navigate the terminal and its basic commands. However if it’s your first time using the terminal you may be okay if you are good at following basic directions.
  2. Install Python 2.7 or greater (if not here’s a link to install)
  3. Install Pip (if not here’s a link on how to)
  4. Have a text editor installed I recommend Sublime Text if you’re just getting started with coding. Here’s a link to download

First we will go over the terminal. Whats the terminal? The terminal is defined as a text-only window used to control the graphical user interface of a computer which is often referred to as the “GUI”. The terminal allows us, its user to interact with the computer by typing commands within it. The terminal is an example of a CLI or a command line interface because you can type commands in it that control your computer. We will go over some basic commands here shortly. Open the terminal, scroll to the top right corner of your computer screen and click the magnified glass known as the “spotlight” type in Terminal and press enter. A window should pop up looking like this or…