How to install a Cardano staking pool in an AWS EC2 Instance

3 min readMay 21, 2021
  1. We will be setting up a cardano staking pool utilizing amazon web services.
  2. To get up to date on what a staking pool is I suggest getting up to speed by reading this short read from Cardano’s official website:
  3. I followed this tutorial to setup my Cardano Staking Pool

4. However the tutorial above does not describe the steps you need to take when setting up the AWS instance so I will explain that here. After you have set up your AWS instance you can refer back the link in step 3 in order to continue setting up the cardano staking pool.

5. Navigate to AWS

6. After signing up you will need to create and EC2 Instance.

Click on where it says launch a virtual machine .

7. Once you click onto launch a virtual machine choose an instance.

8. After choosing which type of ec2 instance you want to use I recommend using the t2.medium instance as this is the instance i used for this tutorial.

9. Next step is to add more storage to the instance in order for it to work properly I chose at least 30gb of storage.

10. Complete steps to setting up the instance and launch it.

11. Navigate to the instance you launched in your Amazon Web Services account.