How to install Kali Linux on HP Stream

3 min readDec 5, 2019
Kali Linux
  1. Download Kali Linux 2019.4 I downloaded Kali Linux Light 32-Bit from the official Kali website. ( )
  2. Flash a usb drive atleast 8mb with the kali linux image. For this I recommend downloading Etcher ( )
  3. One the Kali image is downloaded insert your usb stick in your laptop and flash the kali image onto in in order to install Kali Linux on your Hp Stream.

4. If you prefer to not download Etcher you can flash your usb stick using the terminal. I referenced the official Kali site. When you download the zip it might be compressed. You might need to unzip it in order to flash it. I used the unxz command to unzip the kali image. For some the download won’t be zipped and you can skip this step and simply flash the image to the Usb stick using etcher .

5. Once you have successfully completed flashing your usb stick with Kali linux. In the BIOS menu of the laptop Enable Legacy mode and Disable Secure boot. To get to the BIOS Menu power off your laptop and power it back on, as soon as you power back on begin pressing the ESC key. Choose the Bios meny and make sure again that you enable legacy Mode and disable secure boot. You may also need to reorder the UEFI Boot order. I made sure it would boot to USB first but you may not have to if you don’t run into problems installing the flashed image to your HP. Here is the article I referenced to solve this ( )

6. After you’ve enable legacy mode and disabled secure boot restart your computer and begin pressing ESC as soon as the laptop powers up.