How to setup GoPhish Phishing server on AWS

4 min readDec 30, 2021

First I will show you how to setup an AWS instance in order to setup and configure Gophish phishing open source software.

  1. Go to and create an account.

2. Under the compute tab click EC2, once you have clicked onto EC2 under the compute section, you will be presented with a screen as seen below. Once you see this screen, click on the “Create Instace” button to start setting up your new EC2 instance.

3. Go ahead and create an instance to install gophish server onto, I went ahead and choose a debian linux instance for my deployment.

4. Be sure to configure secruity group to your specific needs. Below is an example of wht this page looks like.

5. Once you have finished this and clicked next, you will have a review final details page. Click “Launch”. Be sure to choose to create a new key pair. Depending on your Operating System, AWS provides instructions on how to set up your SSH client to access your new AWS EC2 Instance. I will link the instructions here for Windows users: Once the instance has started you will see a screen similar to the one below.

If you’re seeing something similar to the screen above you have successfully setup your AWS instance. The next step is to login to your AWS instance.

6. Use SSH to login to the instance you created and begin setting up your aws instance.

7. I created a seperate folder for all my hacking tools by using mkdir. You can to or feel free to download it to the your home directory.Go over to my repo you will need to have git installed on your instance. Use git clone to download gophish software as shown in the picture below. If you don’t have git head over to and follow instructions to download it.

8. As you can see above gophish is now downloaded into the AWS instance we created. Go into the gophish folder created. Then go ahead and use “go” to build gophish in order to get the gophish binary.

9 After gophish is built we will need to make some changes to the config.json file.